Melrose Keto Fasting Support


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Product Description

Beat Cravings, Stay Fuller Longer 

  • Indulgence for cravings that’s sugar free and low carb, supporting ketogenic or low carbohydrate diets
  • Supports satiety between meals and keeps you fuller for longer
  • Contains 100% coconut derived MCTs to increase energy levels
  • Source of fibre and prebiotics to support your gut health
  • No artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
  • Vegan, Keto Friendly, GM and Palm Oil Free
  • Delicious guilt-free hot chocolate

    Product Details

    Our Melrose KETO Fasting Support Hot Chocolate contains DNF-10TM a protein hydrolysate derived from yeast that helps support a reduction in caloric intake by reducing hunger signals. 

    The 100% coconut derived MCTs fuel low carb diets by converting to ketones that supply energy in a fasted state.

    Contains organic fair trade cocoa, that is naturally rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.


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