Fast Weight Loss Pack – The Man Shake


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What’s in The Fast Weight Loss Pack?

This pack is a no-brainer! It contains enough of the good stuff to keep you going, including The Man Shake meal replacement shakes to lose weight fast, and The Man Bar that will keep your arvo sugar crash in check.

  • 4 x The Man Shake or The Man Shake GO!
  • 3 x The Man Bar (10 Bars per box)

The Man Shake contains 15 servings, so this pack can last you 30 days if you follow the 2 shakes a day program. The Man Shake GO! contains 10 servings, with each serving containing 2 shots of caffeine, thus it is recommended to have only one of these per day (breakfast is the best!) and one of your normal shake.

Please note that if you follow the 2 shakes a day program with The Man Shake AND The Man Shake GO!, this pack will last you approximately 25 days.

If you’re serious about hitting your goals the Fast Weight Loss Pack has everything you need. If you follow The Man Shake program this pack can help you hit some serious weight loss goals.


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