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KETO Starter Pack - Keto Activate + MCT Creamr

Put your body into ketosis and start burning FAT with the Keto Starter Pack.

The pack contains healthy MCT fats and Ketones which put the body into ketosis and boost the metabolism.

  • BURN FAT and Improve Performance.
  • ZERO SUGAR, no artificial flavours.
  • MIXES EASILY into water and shakes!

The main benefits are:

  1. Fat burning - Trigger's your body to start burning fat as energy, activate ketosis in hours not weeks.
  2. Increased energy levels - Great clean source of sugar free energy for the body without the crashes associated with glucose.
  3. Mental focus - Carbohydrates cause your blood sugar to rise and fall, when in ketosis the brain has a consistent fuel source enabling you to focus for longer peiod of time.
  4. Appetite control - When using fat as energy you won't experience spikes in blood sugar and cravings. Keto Acvtivate also works well with intermittent fasting.


  • Mix 1 scoop of "Keto Activate" into cold water, drink once per day.
  • Mix 1 scoop of "MCT Creamr" into coffee or a shake, drink once per day.


  • Keto Activate uses goBHB (the highest quality exogenous ketones), yerba mate and stevia with no sugar or artificial ingredients.
  • MCT Creamr contains pure MCT Oil Powder with prebiotic acacia fiber for better digestion.

* we also recommend following a low carb or keto diet when taking these products to increase results.

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