Garcinia Cambogia with ACV and Revive Stress Relief

2 Bottles of Garcinia with ACV and 2 Bottles of Revive.

Garcinia, Apple Cider Vinegar and Revive work together in improving digestion, metabolism, mood and reducing cravings. Also assisting the bodies ability to break down bad fats and move foods through the body.

The body holds on to stubborn fat which is usually cause by stress. There are many factors that cause stress. Mental stress from work, family, life, environmental stress from the air we breath, and other factors. And of-course there is stress caused from a poor diet, the body not being able to break down unhealthy foods causing weight gain.

Top 2 Detoxify+ benefits:

- Curbs cravings

- Targets belly fat

Top 2 Revive Benefits:

- Reduces emotional eating

- Improves mood

How To Take:

Breakfast: 1 x Revive

Lunch: 1 x Detoxify+

Mid afternoon: 2 x Revive with water

Dinner: 2 x Detoxify+

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