Collagen Powder - Hair Skin Nails

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Collagen helps to slow down the ageing process. Natural collagen levels in the body deplete with age which leads to ageing, most noticed in the skin, nails and joints, which is why supplementing with collagen is a great way to stay young.

Collagen powder can be mixed into water, juice or even coffee. There is no taste and it mixes well into your favourite beverage. The benefit of taking collagen in powder form is that you are able to consume a higher dosage and get faster absorption, however if you aren't a fan of powders we also have Collagen tablets.

Alixify Collagen works by:
  • Increasing skin hydration.
  • Targeting hair, skin and nails.
  • Repairs skin and muscle tissue.
  • Slow down ageing process, tighten skin.
  • Improve glow of skin and strength of nails.

Alixify collagen is easily broken down by the body and hydrolysed into peptides which the body can use to improve skin, nails, hair, joints and more. 

Recommended dosage: 1 scoop per day

Contains 6600mg Collagen per scoop, 30 scoops per container.

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