Weight Lifting Straps Black


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Weight Lifting Straps Black

Lifting straps are an essential piece?of a equipment when pushing out weight beyond the limits of your grip strength. In some exercise, such as shrugs, deadlift and rows, grip strength may significantly reduce?the weight or rep range achievable through your grip strength, despite grip strength not being the intended training goal.

500mm wrapping?length
Extra wide 38mm strap
Padded loop end for wrist protection

Lifting Straps allow the lifter to focus entirely on the exercise at hand without the influence of failing grip. Additional benefits of straps are the ability to adopt a double overhand position in the deadlift, opposed to an alternated? grip. This allows the lifter to adopt a much more neutral position and develop muscles evenly.?


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0.1kg (0.2 kg Pair)

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Black Fabric?

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