Wall Ball – 8lb


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Wall?Ball – 8lb
The new and improved version 2 VERVE? 8lb Wall?Ball is made with a vinyl soft shell exterior?and a?heavy duty, durable stitching and tight threading pattern to withstand even the toughest gym environments.

Is it possible to buy cheap wall balls? Yes,?in the past we?had?some. Big mistake. There’s nothing worse than?trying to knock out unbroken sets of wall ball throws with a poorly balanced?ball. You want to focus on your body movement, not trying to predict how a mis-balanced ball will slip out of your hands as you try to catch it and go again. wall balls?have better balance so you can focus on your exercise. Sometimes referred to as medicine balls, wall balls are a great addition to a strength & conditioning workout.


Soft shell vinyl to reduce impact stress
Durable threading and stitching
Weight in pounds for functional training?workouts


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Vinyl Soft Shell

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