Utility Seat Attachment for Racks & Rigs


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Utility Seat
The?Utility Seat offers?flexibility and utility for your Power Rack, Half Rack or even your Rig.
Perfectly fitting between your Rack uprights and resting horizontally on the cross-frame, adding the Utility Seat allows you to perform step ups, box squats, hyper-extension, eccentric hamstrings, Russian leans, and pendulum hip extensions with ease.? If you have Trawler Arms or Safety Spotter Arms you can?add the Utility Seat to the outside of your rack for faster transitions or to?create?another station and let multiple people train using one rack!
If you’re feeling creative, simply attach to the front of your rack for a rack integrated wall ball wall and if you have Power Arms we’ve designed the Utility Seat to allow you to do seated leg presses as well as or dynamic?upper body presses.?
Super slim and easy to store – you can secure your Utility Seat vertically within your rack system?when you’re not using it.?
We always recommend you securely attach your Utility Seat to your rack and ensure your rack is mounted to the ground to minimise the risk of injury or to prevent your equipment from moving unexpectedly.


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