Tori Functional Trainer Rack


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A torii is a traditional?Japanese?gate often found at the entrance of or within a?Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred.
This innovative multifunctional trainer attachment is the perfect addition to Racks and Rigs. It features a Functional Trainer, along with the versatility from optional attachments; lat pull downs with the optional seat attachment, low rows with an optional footplate attachment and use as a power rack with the included sandwich j-hooks. Designed to be compatible with attachments, this training attachment is essential for any gym or home fitness setup.
Note: For optimal safety and stability, it is highly recommended to securely fasten the Tori Functional Trainer to a durable and robust surface using the provided dynabolts. Another option would be to add a 1080 crossbeam,?1080 pull up bar?or modular storage at the base of the rack, providing further?stability and utility.?

Assembly Manual?HERE?and Video Guide?HERE.
Video on how to assemble cable pulley endcap?HERE.


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