Stainless Steel Deep Knurl Power Barbell – 20kg


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Stainless Steel Deep Knurl Power?Barbell

The VERVE??Deep Knurl Power?Barbell is a barbell catered specifically for experienced Powerlifters adhering to all IPF bar specifications. The aggressive mountain knurl pattern, instead of the commonly used volcano knurl, is cut extra deep into the stainless-steel shaft providing sharp diamonds for that solid grip during heavy lifts.?
The bar?is made to?IPF?standards for a 20KG men’s?bar with 2.2m length and a 50mm sleeve diameter to accommodate any Olympic weight plates. With an IPF spec 29mm shaft, centre knurl and markings, this bar is the ultimate for any competition, home or commercial gym for those looking to step up their game in the powerlifting world.?
Unlike lower quality?stainless bars, this bar is equipped with a fully stainless steel shaft and stainless steel sleeves, ensuring the bar is resistant to oxidation (rust) from all hands, racks and plates. Like all barbells, we recommend regular maintenance?to keep it in optimal condition. The combination of everything from deep knurl to fully stainless steel, puts this barbell in a class of its own.
Because there is no coating on the bar, there is absolutely nothing getting in between your hand and the steel, allowing you the ultimate lifting experience.

Engineered from super high-grade, strengthened?stainless steel, with wider?shaft diameter to ensure it can comfortably handle weights up to 1,500lbs (680kg).
29mm diameter.
Knurl Markings: Powerlifting -?810mm between markings.
Knurl Depth: 75% deeper than any standard offering!
200K PSI Tensile Strength
No Whip
Shaft: Stainless Steel.
Sleeves: Stainless Steel.
Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings + 1 Stainless-Steel Bushing
Bushing design with snap rings.
Lifetime warranty.


29mm shaft width and 2.2m overall length
430mm Loadable Sleeve Length?
Knurl Rings at 810mm on centre (Powerlifting) as well as required centre Knurl?
Sleeves 50mm to fit Olympic sized weight plates

You will receive your bar fully assembled in a single strong tube ready to perform from the moment you unbox?it.?This bar pure steel bar is not polished. It has no additional coatings?applied and?variations in appearance may be visible on the surface?in the knurled areas. This does not affect the performance in any way.

Dimensions (mm) L*W*H:

Product Weight:

Shipping Weight:

IPF specification, Powerlifting Rings, Centre Knurl?

Shaft Finish:
Stainless Steel

Shaft Diameter:
29mm IPF

Sleeve Finish:
Stainless Steel?

Sleeve Rotation:
High grade stainless Steel Bushings

Rated Strength:

Rated Capacity:
1500lb (680kg)

Product Code:


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