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The new V2 Power Arms have?better functionality than any other?power or?jammer arms available. With a unique 180-degree?range,?it allows you to?create the ideal starting position for your movement. You no longer have to start a?lift?at the bottom every time.
Why is this so important??
If you want to do a shoulder press, you don’t have to start off with a clean and jerk to get it up to your shoulder. You can set the ideal height for your lift, lock in place using the magnetic pins and then load the weight you want.
In addition, it allows you to mimic the type of movement you might do on a specialised machine in a commercial gym. e.g. Military Press, Flat Press, Decline Press etc..
This allows you to isolate the exact muscles you want to target with precision.

Replaces the need for?several different commercial gym machines.?
Easily isolate the exact muscles you need to work out.

Universal fitments to our huge range of?attachments.

Adjustable to precisely fit our?Racks and Rigs (or other 75-76mm 5/8-16mm racks if you haven’t levelled up to?yet!)

Rapid, tool free repositioning – vertically and on the swing stops.

Lock in an arc position or set upper or lower arc stops with the included detent pins.

Add a new novel set of ‘trawler arm’ style pull up handles outside the rack.

Link with a?seat/bench to give extra options for seated, step up or platform based locked movements.

Premium laser cut – no stickers to fall off and peel your powdercoat with it!

Easy Use and Storage

As these can turn up at a 90-degree angle, you?may not have to remove them for storage. Simply move the trolley arm higher on the upright and leave the arm angled up. You can then attach j-hooks for squats and bench press etc.

Reversible handles to provide additional grip options.

Then handles themselves can be easily removed in seconds.

Low profile.

Option to leave them in place and attach j-hooks directly to the arms.

?Compatible With:

Zen Power Rack

Commercial Power Rack
Commercial Half Rack
Satori Power Rack
Rig Uprights
To use with a Tori Functional Trainer Rack you would need to buy the Zen Power Rack Extension Kit, attach it to the back of the rack and attach the power arms to it. The crossbeams connecting from the extension kit to the back of the Tori Rack will not connect to the back of the logo plate area, but they will attach lower down securely.?

The Power Arms are over-engineered to be Aussie tough. The?arms feature rollers at the bottom to help them glide easily up and down your upright without damaging it.
An optional belt squat attachment is available to compliment this attachment here:


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