Pin and Pipe Safeties for Power Rack (pair of 2)


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Pin and Pipe Safeties??
Pin and Pipe Safeties are a value packed way lift your safety game when you’re inside your Power Rack.
Running between the uprights on both sides of your rack (from front to back), each safety pin is covered by a pipe (hence the name pin and pipe).
When set correctly, Pin and Pipe Safeties will stop your bar from dropping to the floor (or landing on you, if miss or max out your movement) so are a critical investment for anyone with a rack that doesn??t come with a safety system as standard.?
Because they are quick to move, it??s recommended to set your Pin and Pipe Safeties just below the limit of your movement.? You might even consider two sets to allow for even quicker transitions between upper and lower body movements.
Correct placement of your Pin and Pipe Safeties will ensure you have the ability to move freely while also avoiding big drops.? Setting both just below the bottom of your squat or bench-press will ensure you can have the security you need without the risk of damaging your bar, safeties or yourself!? Because both the pins and pipes are powder coated steel it??s not recommended to rest an aggressively knurled barbell directly onto the surface as it may damage the power coating and reduce the effectiveness of your knurl.
Pin and Pipe Safeties are designed to protect your bar, weights and you from the potential damage of a drop or missed lift and so are designed to bend/deform in order to absorb the energy from a very heavy or high drop (thus saving your more equipment). It is recommended to replace your Pin and Pipe Safeties if they become deformed from a drop in order to ensure there are no fatigue points which could result in unexpected risks to you, your equipment or others.
Pin and Pipe Safeties are designed specifically for full sized power racks (including the Satori rack as well as the Zen and Commercial Power Racks ?? both of which come with a safety system).
Sold in Pairs (4 pieces total)

Pin dimensions: Length: 1,100mm (to bend) 15mm diameter
Pipe dimensions: Length: 905mm | 25mm diameter
Finish: Electro statically applied black powder coat finish
Capacity: 500kg
Item weight: 5KG (6KG package weight)


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