Olympic Hex Shrug Deadlift Trap Bar – 6′


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Olympic Hex Shrug Deadlift Bar – 6′

The?VERVE? Hex Shrug Deadlift bar is a bar that is designed to surround the lifter within a HEX frame to allow for the handles of the bar to placed at the sides of the lifter. The purpose?of this is?to centralise the deadlift weight to the body, opposed to in front of them, to allow for a much more neutral?deadlift position.?

25mm handle width
1000lbs (450kg) rated capacity?
50mm Sleeves to fit Olympic sized weight plates
Chrome sleeves and frame
2 Handle levels – standard bar height and 150mm elevated?

The main purpose of moving the handles to the side of the lifter using the hex bar is to free up space in-front (and behind) of the lifter which would normally be occupied by a straight barbell. The effect of this is a?reduction in back range of motion forward, allows movement of the legs to perform exercises such as farmers walks, and eliminates the friction of a barbell on a lifters thighs in exercises such as a shrug. Finally, the elevated handles of the bar enables the lifter to reduce deadlift range of motion and add more weight for “overload” training.?

Dimensions (mm) L*W*H:

Product Weight:

Shipping Weight:

Standard, on both handles

Shaft Finish:

Shaft Diameter:

Sleeve Finish:

Sleeve rotation:
No, Solid construction

Rated Capacity:
1000lb (450kg)

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