Lotus Pad Attachment for Racks & Rigs


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The lotus symbolises the harmony between the relative and the absolute and is a Zen symbol for the ability of every being to achieve?its potential, regardless of?its circumstances. The lotus leaf rises and fall through a range of angles.
The Lotus Pad is an innovative chest-supported row system that can be employed for performing rows or fly exercises with various equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or sandbags.
It features 5 x adjustable angles, providing versatility for supporting arms, legs, head, or back to enhance stability during a wide range of pressing and pulling exercises.

Notably, its space-saving design distinguishes it from standalone chest-supported row machines.
Strengthen your core with rows, back muscles with flys, and arms with curls. Build strength for all the areas you want to work on.
Compatible with:

Tori Functional Trainer
Zen Power Rack
Satori Power Rack
Rig Uprights
Modular Storage uprights and Commerical Power Rack. For these two items the Lotus Pad attaches to the side of the upright.

*If your uprights have > on them this indicates a newer rack and this attachment is compatible.


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