Landmine Attachment for Racks & Rigs


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Landmine Attachment?
It??s time to lose the spare tire and get onto some rotational reps!The landmine attachment simply anchors to your rack or rig, allowing you to slide one end of your barbell into the sleeve at the fixed side and weight plates at the other end of the bar.? The fixed end of the attachment allows the bar to move in an arc without sneaking away from you ?? so when you lift the weighed end of the bar to do your exercises you can be confident it won??t end poorly for you or the floor!The?Single landmine attachment mounts to all racks and rigs, allowing you to slide your Olympic bar into the sleeve and knock-out a range of key movements like: ?One Arm Deadlifts, One Arm Rows, Russian Twists, Shoulder Shrugs, Choppers and many more.Core training and rotational torso exercises are key to avoiding injury but also critical as a foundational piece of your growth strategy. Widely seen as the best value attachment to deliver a boost to upper body strength and conditioning.The extremely durable multi-directional swivel allows users to perform different types of rotational exercises from across the press and lift range and because it is so compact and attaches so easily ?? it won??t take up much space (or draw much attention to your gear buying habits). This attachment is built for all olympic barbells.

75x75x3mm boxed steel?
Black powder-coated steel
It Fits rigs Power Racks
Bolt diameter is 16mm

This attachment fits 75*75*3mm uprights with an 18mm diameter hole.

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Steel Finish:
Black Powder Coat

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