GHD Glute Ham Developer – Fast Adjusting


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GHD Glute Ham Developer
The?GHD?is designed for busy commercial use and is a versatile?piece?of equipment. Operated in one of two ways: either face down working the posterior chain or face up working the core,?the GHD gives a unique take on each. Elevating the lifter and increasing the range of motion gives the user a lot more value and difficulty out of both of the exercises performed on the GHD.
The GHD was designed to be easier to use during fast workouts with a kneepad to assist with fast mounting and dismounting of the machine.?

Knee pad for ease of getting in/out and to relieve pressure between sets.?

Upgraded frame construction with wider beams and thicker steel?? 10 horizontal and 6 vertical foot roller adjustments, for a total of 60 possible foot positions
Welding replaces bolts at key junction points for improved stability & durability
Knurled handles with angled design for improved clearance and safety on GHD sit-ups
Knurled carry handle, and upgraded wheels/wheel brackets for improved machine mobility
Cross beam step with grip tape for improved safety
Band pegs included
Wheels face forward for easy movement of wheels.
Grippy, non-slip upholstery.

The GHD is a must have for any functional training gym?or HIIT training centre.

Product Weight:

Adjustable Foot Plate Notches:
10x?Horizontally with 6x Vertical

Powder Coated Steel,?Vinyl Covered Plush Foam?

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