Best Keto Products to Lose Weight

There are many keto products on the market however not all have effective ingredients that actually lose weight and get your body into ketosis.

MCT Oil is the most effective form of fat for the Keto Diet. It is found primarily in coconuts and highly recommended for the keto diet. It comes in oil form and recently powder form which is easier to take. 

MCT oil is commonly associated with Bulletproof Coffee and butter coffee, where you mix some healthy fats such as MCT and butter into your coffee, giving you additional focus and helping you burn fat as energy.

Betahydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a ketone that the body produces by breaking down fats. When the body no longer has carbohydrates to burn as fuel it switches to fat, by breaking it down into ketones, a much more efficient of energy for the body.

BHB is the most abundant ketone the body uses. The process of getting into Ketosis can take weeks and be quite challenging. We highly recommend supplementing with ketones as this helps you reach ketosis a lot faster, even in as little as 24 hours.

BHB Ketones come in a powder and a capsule form. Simply take the powder first thing in the morning with water, or the capsules are more convenient for travel and can be taken first thing in the morning or at meal times. This gives the body an instant source of ketones to use, then ideally minimise carb intake and you will be in fat burning mode in no time.