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Best Diet Pills in Australia 2018-2020

There are so many diet pills on the market, which do I choose?

Some of the most popular weight loss pills on the market in 2018/2019 were:

Phendora, Keto Bliss, Tru Garcinia 360, Phenterage, Mara Nutra, Body Slim Down, Apidren, Nutralu, Slendora, Keto Fit, Keto Zone, Keto Ignite, Pure Garcinia, Swisse Ultra, Healthy Care Max, Garcinia Total Diet, Duromine, Celebrity Slim, Purefit Keto, Fat Blaster, Garcinia Max, Keto OS, Revolyn Ultra, Hydroxycut, Garcinia Melt and of course Detoxify + Garcinia and ACV.

While there are many pros and cons for each product, we have chosen to sell Detoxify + as it contains the highest doses of Garcinia and Apple Cider vinegar for any single product, and contains no fillers. We also have Pure Garcinia available which contains 100% pure garcinia cambogia, also with no fillers. 

Brands such as Phenterage and Apidren have been found to add additional artificial ingredients which aren't good for the body long term. At Ozweightloss we will never sell anything that we haven't trialled and tested with our staff, never using any artificial sweeteners or ingredients.

Currently the most effective weight loss product on the market is BHB. We have been able to source high quality BHB ketones and release Australia's first keto capsules.