5 Weight Loss Tips For Stubborn Fat By 40 Year Old
Personal Trainer And Mother Of 2 Michelle Lewis!

Michelle weight loss

Michelle's Tips for losing Stubborn Fat

1. Eat your Green Vegetables and Fibre at dinner time. The majority of fat storage occurs at night. Digest this food fast to prevent storage of fats. (Eg. Salmon and Vegetables or Lean Chicken and Salad)

2. A good rule of thumb for breakfast is to find one that doesn't make you bloated. Keep it simple and clean. (Eg. Green smoothie, Boiled Eggs and Avocado)

3. Give yourself a treat once a week. If you love eating chocolate or something else delicious then allow yourself to eat it once or maybe twice a week. (The trick is to eat it early in the day or before exercise to give yourself a chance to burn it off). 

4. This may be tough, but do not eat after 7pm at all! Limit yourself to one dessert on the weekend as a treat. (Also dinner time is the best time to take your Garcinia to prevent this meal storing as fat).  

5. Thermogenics and Caffeine don't work for long term weight loss. Caffeine works in the short term but the build up of cortisol and stress in the body causes you to put all the weight back on in the long run. Stick to stimulant free options such as Garcinia Cambogia and Colon Cleanse as they are effective at reducing belly fat and keeping weight off long term. This is important!

Personal Trainer and Mother of two, Michelle says less is more with weight loss. Her new stack is a super multitasker for fat loss.

Have you ever tried a weight loss program that over-promised and didn't deliver?

“The whole idea of less is more, that people live busy lives and don't always have time to prioritise health, is prevalent in our society" says Michelle, personal trainer and mother of 2 who’s pared down her own weight loss stack to just a few items. Here is her most effective weight loss stack - Pure Garcinia and Colon Cleanse.

The line is not just for Personal Trainers and mothers like "Michelle", people from all different lifestyles are using it. For Michelle, her job as a weight loss coach/ personal trainer is now much easier as she recommends these products to all of her clients and they are now losing weight in record time.

"I don't want to tell too many people about these products, because they won't need my help to lose weight anymore." she jokes.


Andrew clientAndrew is a client of Michelle's and has recently tried Pure Leaf Garcinia Cambogia and Colon Cleanse.

Here's an overview of these 2 products individually:

Garcinia Cambogia

Sugar and processed sugar is prevalent in our society, Garcinia Cambogia helps to prevent this sugar converting into fat. Garcinia contains an enzyme that prevents fat absorption from occurring. 

There have been many positive studies done on the weight loss benefits of HCA, which is the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia. Participants who took the HCA noticed a reduced appetite and lost much more weight compared to the participants that did not take it. 

Colon Cleanse

If you are constantly feeling tired and have intense food cravings, your colon may not be absorbing essential nutrients and have build up mucous. Eating a typical western diet which contains processed sugars, red meats, dairy and preservatives can lead to digestion problems.

The walls of your colon start to accumulate a build up of waste along the walls and need to be flushed out in order for it to function properly again. Cleaning out this waste and toxins will not only lead to healthier nutrient absorption, but also weight loss as your body will be functioning the way it should.

Michelle says, "The Average person may have toxins and fecal matter trapped on their colon walls. This can lead to clogged intestines and bloating".

In Overview the products are easy to take during the day and contain all natural ingredients. "There’s a Appetite supressant and metabolism booster which is Garcinia Cambogia, and an all natural detoxer and cleanser - Colon Cleanse. They can be purchased seperately or come as a combo pack with 2 of the Garcinia and 1 of the Colon Cleanse for $84.95 sold at oz weight loss au".


Michelle Slim 

 Judging by the photos, Michelle, who recently turned 40, needs no help at all with fat loss. Although she swears by her favourite weight loss combination of Garcinia and Colon Cleanse.
"I like to enjoy my chocolate and a glass of wine here and there, these products help me stay trim and keep me in shape".


Michelle's stack Garcinia and Colon Cleanse