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Keto Products - Reach Ketosis in Days not Weeks

Keto Complete Pack


  • Keto Activate  (once per day - ideally first thing in the morning)

The most effective Keto Product in the Australian market. Pure Ketones in the right dose to activate Ketosis in days. Works not only for fat burning, also great for those wanting to focus for longer and increase energy. One scoop in 300ml cold water.

  • Collagen Creamer (1 to 2 times per day - ideally with coffee and/or a shake)

Delicious Keto Creamer packed with Collagen, MCT, Avocado, Butter and Coconut. Mixes easily into coffee and shakes. Tastes great. "The best tasting collagen product on the market" Is what we have been told hundreds of times.

  • Keto Cleanse (2 per day - ideally after dinner/ before bed)

A herbal formulation including cascara sagrada, dandelion root, black walnut and genetian designed to improve digestion, cleanse toxins and improve liver health.