New Years Resolutions and Weight Loss

Each January, roughly one third of Australians, New Zealanders, Americans and Canadians make a resolution to improve or better themselves. Unfortunately a much smaller percentage of people actually stick to these resolutions.

New Yr 

Three Quarters of these people last a week, however by 6 months time less than half of have dropped off all together. 

It's hard to keep up the excitement and energy months after you've swept up the rubbish from the party, but it's not impossible. This year, pick a health goal, fitness level, weight loss amount, wellbeing goal etc that you can stick with. Here’s to your health!

Lack of will power and over eating in combination are two of the enemies to your health goals. Enter Garcinia Cambogia and Colon Cleanse, these 2 fat stoppers are the answer to missing your new years health goals.

Garcinia Cambogia is the perfect natural formula to stabilise blood sugar and prevent cravings. It's partner in crime, Colon Cleanse will help to cleanse your liver and intestines of all the nasty Christmas and New Years excess.

Once your body becomes more alkaline and the waste starts to cleanse out then not only will your tummy flatten, the excess bloating and body fat will start to disappear.

The final step is to implement a healthy eating regime. If you plan ahead for challenging times where you are tempted then you will be more likely to stay on track. A food journal is a great way to do this and keep yourself accountable and on track, also a fitness/ health buddy to stay to accountable to. 


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