Reduce your stress, reduce your weight

August 22, 2017

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you did everything right yet you feel like you achieved almost no results at all?

You got up early and exercised, you stuck to your diet, you consumed plenty of water and yet, you didn’t drop any fat at all?

It is very likely that stress is what caused your results to stall that week.

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon problem.

But there is some good news, by taking some steps to reduce stress you may find that not only does your life become more enjoyable in general but you are also able to drop fat faster.

How to stop stress:

There are many ways to stop stress and this article could soon turn into an essay if we were to delve into all of them.

However, out of respect for your time and the desire to help you achieve maximum results we will lay out 3 effective strategies you can implement right now.


This one sounds pretty obvious and you may have even rolled your eyes at the mention of it, but for the sake of your health, please hear me out.

The way you breathe can have a direct impact on your nervous system.

Short, shallow breaths tend to encourage your body to me more on edge, stressed and ready to react to threats.

Deep, slow breaths tend to relax your nervous system and encourage your blood to flow to your organs (like the brain) rather than to your limbs (to get you ready to run away from danger).

In order to test this out, please try this throughout your day on regular intervals:

Put your phone down, look away from your computer and just sit still.

Now assess your breathing, is your jaw closed and is your breath shallow and only coming from your chest and not from lower down near your stomach?

If so, allow your jaw to relax (your upper and lower jaw must not touch), take a nice big deep breath through your nose and allow the breath to go all the way down into your stomach.

Your stomach should expand as you do this.

Complete 10 of these breaths and see how you feel.

I’m confident that you are now feeling much more relaxed compared to when you started.

Try doing this throughout your day at regular intervals (every hour or half hour works well) and see how much of a positive effect it can have on your stress and happiness levels.


This word is often associated with monks and hippies and I can understand if you are perhaps a little defensive.

However, giving gratitude doesn’t mean hugging a tree or a stranger but rather it can be done in a much more simple manner.

Try this at the beginning or end of your day (or ideally, both).

Sit still and take a minute to say thank you for all the things that you are grateful in your life.

Some examples may be:

  • A loving and supportive family
  • An able body and a sharp mind
  • Fresh, quality drinking water from the tap
  • The internet (Yes, there are still some countries in this world in which citizens do not have access to the internet)
  • The sun shining in the sky or the peaceful sound of rain falling
  • Being alive (much better than being dead)

Often after doing this for a few moments you can’t help but smile.

You really do have it good and by being grateful for what you have you may even get more of it (rather than focusing on what you don’t have yet).

Supplement to speed up your results:

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