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Foods(Fats) that Burn Fat


Avocado is usually known as a vegetable however it is actually a single seeded berry native to Mexico. Fear not, avocado does contain around 30 grams of fat, however not all fat is equal, and the body actually needs fat to stay healthy and to assist with weight loss.

You see the body needs to intake a certain amount of fat for the brain, the skin and other organs, if you don't give it fat then it will actually store the fat it already has, and this usually means storing some of the bad fat sitting in the areas you don't want it to.

Avocados contain a high amount of mono-unsaturated fat. The benefits include its ability to lower cholesterol, reduce cravings, and even reduce belly fat. As an all round perfect food to lose weight the Avocado is actually right up there at the top.


Replace your afternoon snack with a handful of almonds. Almonds are low in calories, and high in fiber making them perfect for a quick and easy weight loss snack. The healthy fats and fiber in almonds help to curb the appetite and satisfy hunger, and less likely to make poor food choices for dinner. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which are a healthy type of fatty acid which helps to boost energy and increase focus. It is recommended for optimal results to consume 2 to 3 Tablespoons per day. 

Coconut oil is great for cooking as it has a high heating point, also works well when mixed into your coffee, which can also be called bulletproof coffee. Or just adding it to a smoothie or eating it right off the spoon works well also:)

Olive Oil

Olive Oil has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years and is good for the heart, skin and body. It is made by crushing then pressing olives. It is high in vitamin E and other antioxidants which help to keep the body healthy and lower bad cholesterol.

Salmon also contains healthy fats including omega 3.

Try adding some or all of these to your eating regime and notice the weight loss benefits of healthy fats.