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BHB Ketones and Keto Capsules (Australian Made)

BHB Ketones and Keto Capsules (Australian Made)

BHB Keto Capsules originally became popular in the USA with many athletes and low carb dieters finding them to provide more focus, energy and be a great alternate energy source to carbohydrates. BHB also known as Betahydroxybutyrate and Exogenous Ketones is the more efficient ketone for the body to use. 

When supplementing with BHB the body then starts to break down fats into ketones, so basically uses fat cells as energy. As-long as the carbohydrate intake is low (under 10% of calories) then the body will go into ketosis, and become a fat burning machine, switching from carbs as energy to fats.

The highest quality form of BHB on the market is called goBHB, which is a patented form of BHB ketones that has been clinically teated for purity. It has shown to improve endurance in athletes, energy and focus in every day people and overall shown to be a great alternative source of energy.

Ketones are a slow release energy, providing a consistent flow of energy for hours, enabling you to go about your day with highs and lows. Sugar and carbs on the other hand gives you an insulin spike, then low, then after eating more carbs another high.

Keto vs regular diet

Finding a reliable source of ketones in Australia was expensive and unreliable waiting for them to arrive from the US. Recently we have launched out Australian Made goBHB Ketones, which have a higher amount of ketones then your average keto capsules and have no fillers.

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