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Who is Dr Oz?

If you're like me you may be asking questions like: who is Dr Oz? and how did he become such a strong influencer of the weight loss and health scene?

Dr Oz first appeared on Oprah back in 2004, and was then asked to appear on the show for 5 seasons, this alone is a mean feat in itself. 

Dr Oz or "Mehmet" as he is known is a professor at the department of surgery at Columbia University. He is also director of the cardiovascular institute and complimentary medicine program at NY Presbyterian hospital.

Apart from conducting research on heart replacement surgery and complimentary medicine, he also feels strongly about changing the US health care system.

Oz definitely practices what he preaches on television when educating millions on how to lose body fat and improve health. He is extremely passionate about changing the way doctors and patients interact and isn't afraid of speaking his word, even if it does cause a bit of controversy at times. 

Anyway the more I read about Dr Oz, the more I warm to him. He seems to have his ear to the ground when it comes to the latest weight loss products and health advice.