Not All Sugar is Equal

Weight Loss and Sugar are commonly described as enemies. In most general health publications we are usually told that in order to lose weight you need to minimise your sugar intake.

However, sugar comes in many shapes and forms. And the type of sugar you are consuming will have a HUGE impact on your weight loss results. 

To keep it simple we are going to talk about natural sugar found in foods and processed sugar found in biscuits, muesli bars, soft drink, chocolate etc.

Processed vs Natural Sugar

Natural Sugar - most commonly found in fruits and some vegetables.

The benefit of consuming sugar in say the form of an apple or banana is that it is combined with fibre, vitamins and other nutrients. Nature has designed it the perfect way for the body to break down.

Although for optimal weight loss we recommend reducing your intake of natural sugar, a small amount of fruit is still ok, preferably consumed before 3pm. Ideally 1 piece of fruit per day and 4 or more servings of vegetables, preferably green vegetables.

Processed Sugar - Sugars found in donuts, cakes, some breads, most juices, soft drinks etc are the type of sugar which should be mostly avoided. 

Unlike natural sugar, this type of sugar isn't complete and lacks fibre, vitamins and nutrients. So in order to be digested properly it has to steal nutrients from the body, also as it's a lot harder to digest, this processed sugar has a high chance of converting to fat.

In a nutshell a sugar isn't a sugar, reading the label does help to identify the sugar content of foods, but doesn't identify the source of the sugar. When choosing to consume sugar for an energy boost, always opt for natural sources from whole foods. 

Berries and ice cream

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