Tips to Avoid the Afternoon Crash

Hey everyone, if you work full-time or even part time then you have probably experienced the 3pm slump.. and probably more than once.

Here is a real life example from Christian Baker's blog:

"I jerked my head upright a split second before it hit the table.

That was the 5th time now.

I really, truly wanted to listen & learn to the great info that was coming my way but it just wasn't happening.

I was fading fast.

I was suffering from the extreme amount of work I had put in over the previous month but I was also certain that my afternoon fatigue had something to do with the lunch I had consumed just 1 hour earlier:

A big plate of carbs with minimal protein and fat."

So.. why did I include this excerpt? To show you the problem, and to tell you that we have a solution for this.

Apart from fixing up your diet, by including whole foods, and avoiding processed foods. We recommend you try ReVive.

ReVive is perfect to keep you going through the afternoon slump as it helps to deal with mental and physical stress by providing a balanced focus.

Also it helps to keep your weight down. How?

But controlling cortisol levels in the body, cortisol comes form stress, and excess cortisol causes cravings and also prevents the body metabolising fats.

Ok enough about this great product, check out the product below and try it out.

Have a great week.



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