Fatigue and Stress: The 2 Biggest Enemies Of Fat Loss

This week we have a Guest Post from Nutrition Expert "Christian Baker" on Fatigue and Weight Loss. 

Have you ever stuck to the perfect diet and exercised nearly every day only to find that by the end of the week you actually weighed more?

Have you ever cruised through a week of healthy eating easily only to find the next week a total nightmare filled with constant cravings for junk food?

Odds are that you, like most people, have been a victim of excess stress or fatigue.

Balancing Adrenals 

So how do we get fatigued and what are the implications for weight loss?

 The most common cause of fatigue is simply a lack of sleep, even a reduction of 1 hour to your usual sleep routine can slow down your metabolism, cause more energy lows throughout your day and give you more cravings for junk food.

Fatigue can also be caused by overwork and over exercising too but these too can usually be fixed with more and better sleep.


Now, the best way to fight fatigue is through a good nights sleep, an excellent and healthy nutrition plan and proper hydration.


That being said we all have those weeks where we simply cannot stick to our usual routine and this is where we tend to suffer the most. 

And it is during these weeks of stress and fatigue where you could benefit the most from some assistance.

Now I will say once more: Sleep, nutrition and hydration will always be the most effective ways to deal with fatigue effectively but...


For those times where you simply cannot get on top of your routine I may have something for you:


It's called ReVive Revive Fatigue Supplement


ReVive is an anti fatigue nutritional supplement that gives your body 3 powerful, all natural ingredients designed to help you fight fatigue fast and get back on track.

 We have also found that combining it with Garcinia Cambogia has produced accelerated weight loss due to the combination of reduced stress and increased metabolism.

Garcinia and Revive

It is natural, stimulant free and works with your body to produce more stable energy levels throughout the day and won't leave you crashing afterwards like caffeinated products do.


And the good news is that by fighting fatigue and restoring your energy levels you will almost certainly find that cravings go down, stress goes down and fat loss becomes a whole lot easier.


So if you're feeling fatigued and are struggling to stay on track with your health and fitness goals be sure to check out ReVive.


Until next time 

Live with energy



Christian Baker

Inventor of ReVive

CEO and Co Founder: Upside Nutrition

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