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3 Tricks For Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

1. Accountability, accountability, accountability

Set exact times that you will be exercising throughout the day, lock these times in your weekly calendar by the Sunday before, try and exercise with a friend or friends so you hold each other accountable, rain, hail or shine.

Come six o'clock, when it's pitch black and cold out, you're a lot more likely to press snooze a few times and stay in your warm bed if you don't have a regular exercise schedule that includes a variety of types of workouts.

As mentioned above, find an accountability workout buddy, you are twice as likely to stay accountable to your workout as you won't want to let the other person down.

2. Never go to an event hungry, avoid temptation.

Whole foods mainly consisting of vegetables, lean protein sources and healthy fats are where we need to get our calories from, and not from alcohol and sugar. 

The key is to use high-fibre vegetables, some fruit and healthy fats from avocado, almonds etc. If you put a few of these healthy food sources into your body before a party, then you will have stronger will power when the potato chips and candy is being passed around.

It is statistically proven that when we leave the house we take in over 40% more calories then if we were to eat at home. A high amount of this eating isn;t related to hunger, it's more so that there are tempting food options that you wouldn't normally get to choose from.

3. Practice damage control

If you know you are going to overeat and enjoy a few extra calories then plan in advance. Do a workout a few hours before, this will activate your metabolism and bring your muscle cells to the surface enabling you to burn these calories faster.

Alternatively, try and walk home from the party/ dinner to burn a few extra calories. If you can't do this then start the following day with some exercise and reduce the overall calories of that day, at least for the morning.