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3 tips to stay slim this Winter

food timingTiming of meals

When you eat something is almost as important as what you are eating.

  • The first step is to eat a diet consisting mainly of whole foods, the next step is to time these meals.
  • Fruit is high in sugar and should be consumed in small doses, and preferably in the morning and around workout times.
  • Dinner should consist of lean protein and vegetables, focusing mainly on green vegetables.
  • If you desire a complex carbohydrate we recommend sweet potato, beans, or a small portion of rice.
  • Taking Garcinia Cambogia at meal times will help to prevent cravings and speed up metabolism. 
  • Adding Colon Cleanse to this will help remove toxins from the body and keep your digestive system working properly.

    Working out in the Cold


      • Take the first step, it's always harder to get motivated in the colder weather.
      • Trick yourself into doing just a "5 minute workout", then with the momentum you can increase this to 30-60 minutes.
      • Walk to work, or park your car a few km away and walk the rest. This counts as exercise yet doesn't feel like it. You can add up and extra 10km + per week just by walking to and from work.
      • Your body will burn more calories in the cold as it has to regulate your body's temperature, bonus:)

        Stay Hydrated


          • Drink at least 2L of water per day. Pure H20, no cordial, no sweetened tea. 
          • Keeping hydrated will reduce cravings and keep you happy.
          • Green tea is also recommend around meal times to speed up metabolism

          These 3 steps will set you up for healthy success this winter!