5 things you need to know about Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia grows naturally in the wild and contains an ingredient called HCA which stops the body storing fat and reduces cravings.

Flat stomach Garcinia
It’s a small, pumpkin shaped fruit that is commonly called Tamarind (Garcinia Cambogia).
This fruit has been linked to many health benefits as well as an aid for weight loss. It can also be combined with Colon Cleanse. But before you make your purchase, consider some of these lesser known facts of Garcinia Cambogia to help with weight loss.

  1. Hydra What?
    Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) Sounds like a scary word, doesn’t it? It’s not actually. It’s just a scientific term for the dried rind of tamarind fruit. HCA comes from the dried rind and promotes many weight loss benefits. According to Alternative Medicine Magazine’s Definitive Guide to Weight Loss, Hydroxycitric Acid can slow down the rate of converting carbohydrates into body fat and clear bad fats from the liver.

  2. Burns and Blasts Fat
    The HCA in Tamarind is also used to burn stored fat during prolonged exercise. It helps with inhibiting an enzyme in your body that helps with fat storage and aids to speed up the metabolism.

  3. Constipation
    The fruit itself has a mild laxative property that helps with constipation. It contains dietary fiber that helps regulate bowel movements and cleanses our digestive system. It can also help with inflammatory bowel diseases, Drug Digest says.

  4. Binge Eaters
    Tamarind is also a great super food that is rich in antioxidants. It can help binge eaters control excess eating by promoting serotonin neurotransmitter levels. Basically telling your body not to over-eat. The HCA in the fruit is linked to suppressing appetites.  

  5. Super Food
    Tamarind is a powerful fruit that is linked to anti-cholesterol and anti-bacterial properties. It’s also very nutritious and packed with B-complex vitamins, the fruit has no fat content and is an easy addition to any diet.
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