What to eat on a cleanse and detox

Is it important when doing a cleanse that you are eating alkaline foods, these foods work best for a detox as they help alkalise the blood and lower the acidity level in the body. Having a high level of acidity in the body leaves you more susceptible to disease and illness, and also gives you a higher chance of heart disease, arthritis, cancer and other diseases.

Most diseases including cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. An alkaline environment also promotes higher mental focus, reduced stress levels and elevated serotonin. The list goes on and on, however I think this is enough information to convince you to start eating your greens.

Below are a bunch of green foods that you need to add to your shopping list for the most effective cleanse.

We also recommend taking Super Colon Cleanse as it will assist with the detox and help with regular bowel movements. The above green foods can be cooked up in combination, eaten raw, put in to stir fry, salad or whatever your taste buds desire. Kale and Baby Spinach are also extremely popular to put into a morning smoothie. 


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