Delicious Summer Smoothies

Mango Tango                                           Berry Licious
1 cup of froz mango pieces                       1/2 cup froz mixed berries
300ml almond milk                            300ml almond milk
1/2 frozen banana                                1/2 frozen banana    
1/2 cup diced pineapple                      1/2 scoop vanilla protein pdr
                                                               2 drops vanilla ess. (optional)
mango tango smoothie                berry licious smoothie

Banana Smoothie                                            Green Mean Smoothie 
1 frozen banana                                                300ml almond milk
300ml almond milk                                         2 cups baby spinach
1/2 scoop vanilla protein pdr                              1/2 frozen banana       
4 tbl spoon greek yoghurt                                   1 peeled kiwi fruit    
 delicious banana smoothie                green mean smoothie
These are our top 4 favourite smoothie recipes.. We will post more delicious smoothie recipes in the coming months.. stay tuned. Below are some more smoothie pictures we love.
the everything smoothie Choose your smoothie
 layered smoothie green smoothie with pineapple 
Starting with the everything smoothie.. So many Smoothie options to choose, why not layer them all in one.
berry smoothie blender       mixed berry smoothie
 berry smoothie top view           blueberry smoothie
We seem to love our berry smoothies here at ozweightloss, can't you tell. So much purple :)
Smoothie ingredients
Nice top view of what is going to be a delicious banana smoothie with some tasty extras.

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