80:10:10 diet

Fruit fruit and more fruit and some veg is all you are meant to eat on the 80:10:10 diet. Some people are obsessed with this new diet and then their are the critics, who claim how this much sugar intake from all the fruit can't be good for you as it spikes blood sugar and increases cravings.

The problem we see is that when you get 80% or more of your calories from fruit you are not only intaking a tonne of sugar, you are also missing out on vital nutrients the body needs. Proteins and fats are great for balancing blood sugar, contain minerals and other nutrients that you cannot obtain from fruit.

Whole foods are recommended, however a mixture of proteins, carbs and healthy fats always produces the best results for weight loss and overall health. You may wish to try this fad diet for experimentation purposes however we would not recommend it and it has so many flaws.



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